The politician

Politician of Grünen, Die Linken and the AFD have voted against OPT-OUT-Regulation (against the majority of their actual party members), which is practiced in many European countries.

On the positive side of the opt-out system, it has an almost consistently high success rate. Countries using the opt-out system, of which there are 24 in Europe, tend to have very high levels of organ donation. Our neighbour Austria has a 99.98% consent rate for the system. Source

politician against opt-out

The individuals

People have lost confidence in transplant medicine since 2012 because of the organ donation scandal that was present in the media.

Serious guideline violations of various degrees were found in the four transplant centers:

Systematic and deliberate misrepresentation in favor of certain patients.

Clear evidence of systematic misstatements.

Documentation errors, careless mistakes, evaluation errors.

Accelerated mediation procedures for liver donations.

Source:  Wikipedia

organ donation scandal 2012

The politics

Politics has failed: On 16.01.2019, the German Bundestag rejected the obt-in regulation. With this regulation, e.g. Spain has 4 times more supply of organs than Germany.

In other respects, too, politics does not try to master the situation and disguises itself with party disagreements on such an important topic, which clearly shows an incompetence of the current health politicians of all parties in Germany.

The Wartepatient.

The clinics

Transplant medicine of the clinics have not implemented the requirements: Since 2019, they have received more funding. Despite these equalities of transplant physicians, there is no improvement.

A retrospective analysis in Germany proves: In 2019, twice as many organs could have been transplanted than realized. If the clinics had placed those 2,300 cases for transplant.

More information can be found here or download PDF

organ donation problem germany. the clinics

The societies

The societies (associations, foundations and organisations) are overwhelmed by the problem. This was clearly made clear by the silence and acceptance of these companies in the Bundestag election on the subject of “opt-in regulation“.

organdonationproblem societies

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