Up until a couple years ago when we learned my cousin would need a heart transplant, I would have never let the thought of ever being an organ donor enter my mind. It’s not that I don’t greatly appreciate the awesomeness of the medical community with saving lives. It’s just my skepticism that should I become critical, would the medical profession seriously try to save me or lean more towards harvesting my organs. I used to say… they need to make sure I have zero chance of survival 😩.

I’ve only personally known one person who had a transplant, kidney. With my cousin who passed away suddenly in October, his mom made his viable organ available to others in need.

I heard last week how the hospital personnel was very rude with a family I know whose son also passed suddenly, speaking to them in a tone when asking about donation that they “didn’t have to asked them anyway because they learned he was a registered donor” while rushing them to turn off the machines.

My cousin is in the hospital now 🙏🏽, awaiting a heart. I’ve learned so much about the process and what it takes to even get on the list and it’s quite stressful. I want my cousin, who is a couple years older than I am to be able to enjoy some more life, for our families to take that road trip we have been talking about for years, while at the same time I think about the fact to save a life means there’s another life that has passed 🙏🏽

I haven’t made a decision on being a donor, just thinking all that life and living entails.

Do you have thoughts on being a donor.