Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Asbestosis
You might ask your primary care doctor to refer you to a doctor who is experienced in treating asbestosis. When you are diagnosed with asbestosis, you and your loved ones will probably have many concerns and questions.
Here are a few questions you might ask your doctor:
đź’š How far has my condition progressed?
đź’š What is the best treatment option for my condition?
đź’š What drugs will I be given, and what are their adverse effects?
đź’š Should I seek alternative therapy to medication?
đź’š How much experience do you have handling asbestosis, and should I see a specialist?
đź’š Will I need a lung transplant?
đź’š Is anybody in my family at risk?
💚 My home/office has asbestos insulation. Will it lead to more lung problems?🌿
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