This year will be my fifth opportunity to swim (with an awesome group of people!) for the cause that saved my life, and that of my mom’s life… #organdonation

This weekend, is the 8th annual organ donor swim! Myself and 5 others will relay swim the length of Lake Muskoka (30km) to raise awareness for the need for change of our legislation in the province of Ontario.

Presumed consent (an opt-out legislation) and the improvement of all organ donation systems within in Ontario is necessary to reduce organ donation wait times and help save lives!

One of the ways we can all help to push for change is to keep sharing this message!

100% of the money raised from this event goes towards sending kids with organ challenges to a week-long camping trip!
Camp Kivita gives those individuals a really special experience that caters to their unique needs (with nurses, meds and equipment they need) and allows them to have a camping experience like a “normal” kid.

If you’d like to make a donation, you can donate on either Ricky or Wendy’s page of the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s secure donation platform.
The link is in my bio!
Keep the conversation going about organ donation 💚