Brendon’s story started in 1997 at what was supposed to be the beginning of his ‘life’. He had plans for his dream job as a firefighter and was excited about the adventures of life. He had no idea about the adventures life had planned for him. A devastating work accident and a few months later another devastating hit of being diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Brendon shares the honest truth of dealing with the immense and overwhelming grief of having his life crumble at his feet. His mental health journey through the dark days, and the burdens and stigma it carries need to be heard by everyone going through chronic illness.

When diagnosed with chronic illness the mental health devastation is rarely addressed. And we are often treated like it is our fault. Brendon is here to remind you are not alone, it is not your fault and you can do this.

Brendon will inspire you with how he took control and took a step forward. Starting with AA after drowning his mental aqueous to the realization he needs to manage his illness to better his life. Now a double organ transplant recipient, he is involved in the TRANSPLANT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. and is continuing to take proactive steps to manage his illness and manage his life.

From the rubble of chronic illness, Brendon is not only bettering his life but the lives of others.


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