23 months with a uterus. 🥹

The same uterus that carried her baby also let me carry my miracle baby. 😭

Even 23 months later it’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to be on this journey. I’m living my ultimate dream right now thanks to recieving the best gift of a uterus from my organ donor Jayla, my hero! I remember waking up in the ICU 23 months ago asking, “Did I have a uterus?” I was told yes! I asked Timmy to take a picture of me with a thumbs up at 9:18 PM after a 9 hour surgery so he could post it and let all of you guys know that it worked! ♥️😭

Even having Zari Grace here with us for the past 5 months I still have to pinch myself to make sure this isn’t a dream. She is the absolute light of my life and my biggest dream come true.

23 months later on the hardest journey of my life and I’m gearing up for one more Goldman baby before me and the uterus part ways forever. Organ donation has changed my life in so many ways and I’m just one part of the legacy Jayla was able to leave behind. There’s someone out there tonight who has a beating heart thanks to her. Two more people have a better life with her kidneys. Someone else able to live life because of her liver. ♥️

Tears always flow the entire time writing this post every month because I’m just so thankful. 23 months ago my life changed in the best of ways and led me down the most beautiful journey that isn’t over yet. Every month I celebrate still having my uterus I know her family has been missing her for another month. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers too. I cannot wait until the day they get to meet Zari Grace in person! 😭

Please feel free to share this post. I’ve had quite a few people share with me that they have signed up to be organ donors because of our story. ♥️

Jayla, my hero, thank you! 🥰

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