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“As a parent, you feel very helpless – you’re waiting for things to start getting better,” shares Carys’ dad, Mark.

He continues: “Carys was first diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 6. After 8 months of chemotherapy treatment, Carys was in remission, and did well for the next 3 years – we could breathe a sigh of relief and return to our normal routines.
“However, in November 2023, with Carys now 10 years old, a few odd blood test results came back as part of her monthly clinic checkup with her oncologist.
“It was a very stressful few weeks of waiting to have the results confirmed. It put a lot of pressure on our family. 💔

“Once Carys’ relapse was confirmed, it almost came as a bit of a relief – it meant we could come up with a plan. The doctors advised that Cary’s only option is a stem cell transplant. It’s now a waiting game until a match is confirmed and the transplant can begin.

“Since January, Carys has been in hospital undergoing chemotherapy. You feel helpless when she’s screaming in pain. What can you say to a 10-year-old? How can you explain that it’s the chemotherapy doing its job?

“Carys is a bright, outgoing child who loves football, her friends, and Taylor Swift! She’s been so resilient and is emotionally happy despite all that she’s been through. ⚽

“At the moment we’re just taking each day as it comes, but the fact that a stem cell transplant could give Carys a third chance at life makes you feel lucky that you can be hopeful.”

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